BHUVAN( Sanskrit for Earth) is a Indian Geo-platform of ISRO ( , allowing host of services covering visualization , free data download , thematic map display, timely information on disaster, crowd sourcing and project specific GIS application since August 2009 and available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Services in BHUVAN:
1. BHUVAN 2D/3D: Allows visualization with pan, zoom, place, name ,search , overlays and online editing.
2. NRSC Open EO Data Archive: Allows download of free satellite data and products of specified period and resolution.
3. Thematic Services: Facilitate the users to select, browse and query the Thematic Datasets from this portal.
4. Disaster services: Proides timely information on various disasters for better decision making.
5. Ocean Services : Provides Potentail Fishing Zones,Chloropheyll, Sea Surface Temperature information

Application Sectors in Bhuvan
1. Agriculture
2. Forestry
3. E-GovernanceTourism
4. Water
5. Tourism
6. Urban
7. Rural

Contact Us
Our Office
National Remote Sensing Centre
Indian Space Research Organisation
Government of India
Hyderabad - 500 625,INDIA.
Ph : +91-085422-25587/25457
Ph : +91-40-2388 4588/85
Email : bhuvan[at]nrsc[dot]gov[dot]in

You may also visit our Discussion Forum for any queries related to Bhuvan products and services. It is primarily meant for Bhuvan users and developers to exchange ideas, discuss potential applications and ask questions.